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  • 地址:江蘇省無錫市宜興官林鎮遠程路
    銷售電話:0510-80327799, 0510-80320063
    13906152901(劉先生)13906152903 (周先生)

           我公司一直努力提高電工機械設備的科學自動化水平。本著“環保、節能、高效、質量”理念。產品主要零配件均采用NSK、RKC、安川、三菱、歐姆龍、西門子等知名品牌。我們不斷汲取意大利、美國、德國、日本、臺灣等 和地區的先進技術,加上客戶在實際操作使用中反饋的經驗信息,使產品得以持續改進創新。我們愿意為獲得業界及廣大客戶的如潮好評付出努力.力爭使產品銷往全球!


    Company Introduction

    As an outstanding pnvate enterprise,JiengsuYiba Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd develops with the tide of reform and opening-up to the outside world in 2000s We mainly rasearch and develop the professlonal equipment such as wire,cable,opticaIcable,data cable,And equlpment accessories are also raseamhed and developed in order to sb'oegly suppert the ovarall planning and technical consultation.
         We have been trying to improve the scientifically automatic Ievel of the electdcian machinery equipment.Based On the idee of "eco—fdendly,energy-sevlng.efficient and qualIty",the major spare parts are the international brands such as NSK,RKC.Yaskawa.Mitsubishi,Omron and Siemens.We keep absorbing the advanced technologies from countbes and regions such as Italy。America.German。Japan and Taiwan.Also we leam from the Information fed back In the practicaI operation to continue to imprave the products.We are willing to make the best efforts to gain the praiee from the industry and clients s0 that our products can be sold all over the world in the future!
        Major products:high—spt~3d extruding machine.high—speed winding machine,automatic high—speed winding machine,stranding machine.spinning Frame and cantilever type cabling machine.vertical and horizontal back twisting machine.automatic plate-shaking machine.high-speed wire cutting machine.single layer.double layer and three-layer of high-speed paper machine We set a precedent for the wananty in the industry and guarantee the"18-month warranty period"We faithfully gain the public praise by great quality.And we look foward to generating the maximum prafits for clients with our innovatire technology and sewice to create the brilliancy and reputation together!

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